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Jeff Gilliam PT, PhD, OCS is a weight loss specialist, who has studied extensively in the areas of health behavior, exercise physiology and nutritional biochemistry at the University of Florida. Jeff has taught a course at the University of Florida called ‘Research Applications to Obesity and Weight Loss’. Jeff Gilliam is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

He has also taught courses for the DPT program at UF in ‘Health Promotion and Wellness’ and ‘Evidence Based Practice III’. His PhD research was in the area of effective behavioral interventions for obesity and its associated diseases. He is founder of Physicians’ Choice for Weight Loss® a successful lifestyle/weight loss program, which can be found in over 40 clinics in the eastern US.

He currently is clinical director of ReQuest Physical Therapy (Gainesville, Florida) and incorporates his lifestyle/weight loss program into his patients’ physical therapy to help them achieve their healthiest body weight.

APTA envisions that by 2020 consumers “will have direct access to physical therapists in all environments for patient/client management, prevention, and wellness services.” ~APTA

Sadly, even as our healthcare crumbles because of the explosion of chronic diseases related to obesity, there are many who are not willing to make the effort or take a stand to help those who need some direction and appropriate input with education and behavioral interventions promoting health and wellness. ~ Jeff Gilliam PT, PhD, OCS

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